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Edessa Gliding Club

Edessa Gliding Club is located at the foot of Mount Vorras, at the airport located 28 km from the city. The "Air Athletic Center of Macedonia Thrace", built-in 1974, is the only privately-owned airport in Greece that is used exclusively for air sports. The Gliding Club is active in all sectors of air sports and has Schools of Sailing, Hang gliding, Paragliding, and a competition section that participates and organizes air sports.

At the privately-owned facilities of the Gliding, Club visitors can experience the magic of the flight in one of the two-seater paragliders, whether a beginner or expert. The airport is fully equipped (runways, control tower, hangars, restaurant, guest house) and provides 700 parking spaces. Courses are delivered to the schools and the trainees receive the relevant diploma, always under the supervision of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

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