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Kiupri Bridge

The "City of Waters" has its most characteristic bridge the town hall of Edessa, in a setting of impressive natural beauty. The "Kiupri" bridge, whose great purpose for its foundation was, the access of the inhabitant to the fields beyond the river,  and it characterized the whole surrounding area, passes over Edessaio (Voda) from the 18th - to 19th century, although many locals call it "Byzantine". Its name is simple: "Kiupri" in Turkish means "bridge".

It has a length of 28 meters, is built of stone, and arched and its deck reaches 3 meters. Around it, the river creates an idyllic landscape on its banks, with intense vegetation dominated by old plane trees. It is an ideal place for walking, coolness, and relaxation, to the sound of ducks and water, as it is located inside the city, in contrast to its original function which was then found outside the borders, as part of Egnatia, which connected Istanbul with the Adriatic coast.

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