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On the way from Edessa to the Ski Center of Kaimaktsalan, Panagitsa is the most beautiful destination for breathtaking views of Vegoritida and its plain. A mountainous, traditional paradise, surrounded by three artificial lakes and the amazing natural landscape created by the waters and the riparian vegetation, but also the flora of the North, at an altitude of 700 meters.

Panagitsa is a well-organized tourist destination, with a variety of activities that include air sports at the Gliding Club windmill, motocross on the specially designed track where Panhellenic Championships are organized, skiing on the two slopes with artificial snow and climbing, mountain biking, and even paragliding flights that start higher in the mountains and end at the wind farm.

In the picturesque village there are touristic units that offer hospitality and many visitors of the Ski Resort prefer it as their base for Kaimaktsalan, as the traditional hostels and the various options for dining meet the need of everyone, but the special qualification of Panagitsa, except being an amazing mountain resort, is the enchanting views it offers, the environmental “paintings” in and outside the settlement.


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