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Ahmet Bey Türbesi

The 15th-century square building known in the city as "Türbesi" is one of the many Ottoman monuments that adorn Giannitsa. The stone-built Türbesi of Ahmet Bey, grandson of the city's founder Gazi Evrenos, has two floors that communicate with a wooden staircase and is covered by a brick dome, while on the ground floor there used to be a portico that was connected to the adjacent street. Each side of the building is 8.8 meters long and the space is illuminated by arched windows.

Ahmet Bey continued his grandfather's public works, buildings in the newly built, at the end of the 14th century, a city that was considered "sacred" to the Ottomans. In the building "Türbesi" or "mausoleum of Ahmet Bey," the modern approach gives an educational character and may have been used as a school and a place of player, judging by the mihrab on the floor.

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