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The residence of Emin Bey (Polykentro)

On the pedestrian street of Giannitsa is the last Ottoman monument that was built before the annexation of the city to the Greek state. An excellent example of neoclassical architecture, it was erected at the beginning of the 20th century as the home of Emin Bey, the last governor of the area, a descendant of the founder of Giannitsa, Gazi Evrenos.

The old house of Emin Bey or Emin Aga housed the General Hospital of Giannitsa from 1930 to 1985. Some modifications were made, that were necessary for the operation of the health unit and altered parts of the building, however, it was kept in very good condition. The two-story building, with dimensions of 15.20 x 12.30 meters, with a four-pitched tile roof and rectangular windows, still retains the prestige of the time it was built and completes the tour of the Ottoman monuments of the city, from the 14th century to 1912.

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