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Archaeological Musuem of Pella

The marble head of Alexander the Great welcomes visitors to the new, modern Archaeological Museum of Pella, next to the archaeological site. The important find, in the form of the historical figure who stars in the paths of the open-air ancient city and the museum that was completed in 2009, is the introduction to the amazing collection of those brought to light by the archeological excavation in the capital of the Macedonian Kingdom. The Museum offers knowledge about the archaeological site to visitors, both are thematically connected and complete the experience. Designed by the architect Costas Skroubelos, it has a rectangular patio like the courtyards of the houses of ancient Pella. The collection is presented in five thematic sections, with relevant indicative findings (coins, works of art, inscriptions), representations, photographs, maps, drawings, texts, and everything needed for the time travel in the years of the ancient Macedonians. The first section presents the daily life in ancient Pella and, information about public life is given with exhibits mainly from the market. This is followed by the religious customs and the worship of the Gods and then the burial finds with the customs and the decorations of the tombs. Finally, at a higher level, the palace is presented, its architecture and functions.

The archeological site of Pella and the Museum is located at the 35th kilometer of the Old National Road Thessaloniki - Edessa, in the settlement of Pella, it is disabled-accessible and is the ideal way to live, through the place and the rich collection of findings, but also the museum which is oriented towards visitors, the great historical period that the ancient Macedonians marked in their capital.

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