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Historical - Folklore Museum of Giannitsa

The Historical Folklore Museum of Giannitsa is in the center of the city and presents the historical evolution of the place and its people through careful thematic collections. It was founded in 1997 by the Historical and Folklore Society "Filippos", with the aim of recording and highlighting the local history, as well as the collection and exhibition of objects of the traditional culture of the area. The history of the people of Giannitsa from the prehistoric era until today is presented in the halls of the Museum, with special emphasis on the years of the Macedonian Struggle and the Balkan Wars. In a separate room, the visitor encounters the occupations of the inhabitants during the previous centuries, with exhibits of traditional professions, while the next collection transports him to the daily life of the people of Giannitsa and the traditional mansion. At the same time, there is the emblematic loom and several traditional objects, information material, documents, and photos, completing the tour. The Museum is housed in a prefabricated structure at 43 Plastira Street, very close to the War Museum, and has free admission.

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