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Folklore Ethnological Museum of Edessa

The Folklore Ethnological Museum of Edessa is housed in a neoclassical mansion building of 1932, in the traditional district of Varosi. It is a museum with an exceptional variety of exhibits as well as a large chronological range of presentations of the daily life, activities, and customs of the city and the surrounding area. The museum travels visitors to the 19th century especially through the impressive collection of traditional costumes, both formal and casual, of the people of the city and the countryside, until the 1950s.

On the three floors, the life of the people of Edessa is presented, focusing on the objects they used in every aspect of everyday life. Rural life, animal husbandry, sericulture, textiles, waxing, the cycle of life from birth to death, and the intermediate joys and sorrows and milestones, such as baptism, marriage, doom, and rituals. Toys and professional tools, household utensils and furniture, representations from life to the beginning of the 20th century, and a real treasure trove of relics collected from donations of the inhabitants function as the perfect narrators of the modern history of Edessa, for both young people and for the older generations, which will recognize through exhibits, pieces of their childhood.


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