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Lake Vegoritida

Lake Vegoritida, below the snowy peaks of the North and half an hour away from the city of Edessa, dominates the area with its alpine character. The lake, created by a great earthquake in the distant past, receives water from a huge hydrological basin. It is the deepest, largest lake in Greece today having a maximum depth of 50 meters. For thousands of years, the inhabitants of the area, enjoy the benefits of the lake, which also is a meeting point and a place of communication for the inhabitants of Macedonia, Paeonia, and Illyria.

The rare and impressive natural environment, with rich flora and fauna, but also many fish that the visitor can enjoy in the several taverns of the area. The huge body of water is suitable for a variety of activities, such as boating, sailing, canoeing, hiking, and air sports. The main thing, however, is that it offers inspiration, and peace and leads every visitor to re-evaluate their relationship with nature and its pure beauty, on the shores or in restaurants or activities, but more gazing at the mountain and seeing their reflection in the water, among the green scenery.


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