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Museum of Natural History of Aridea

The Museum of Natural History operates at the entrance of Aridea and next to the City Hall building. It is housed in the building of the old Railway Station, which was built by Allied troops during World War I. In 2002 it became a Museum of Natural History and its rooms exhibit findings from Almopia and other areas.

It is well organized and its layout enables visitors to get a clear picture of the area. Also interesting is the department of paleontology, which includes fossils of plant and animal organisms that lived millions of years ago. Important are the fossilized bones of Ursus Spelalus (Cave Bear) found in the caves of Loutra.

Traditional costumes from different regions of Almopia are exhibited in a special room. In the phytology room, there are photos of plants that thrive in ​​Almopia. The space is also full of minerals and rocks from Almopia and other areas. Traditional costumes of Almopia are kept in a special room of the museum.

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