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Edessa Waterfalls

The famous waterfalls of Edessa, one of the most impressive sights in Greece, are surrounded by the Park of Waterfalls, an area of ​​about 100,000 sq.m. in the urban fabric of the city. The spectacle is unusual, due to the peculiarity of the presence of the water volume that falls from such a great height in the center of a city, but also fascinating, both as a phenomenon and as an aesthetic experience.

The two large waterfalls (out of a total of twelve) that are visible and visitable offer a unique atmosphere of the power of nature. Stairs overlooking the plain, a balcony under the "curtain" that creates the water as it falls from above, rainbows in the play of the sun's rays in the water, and colorful paths in the Park for the most relaxing walks next to the waterfalls, between the orgiastic vegetation or from the cobbled path to Ancient Edessa.

The places of culture and recreation within the area, but also the city of Edessa that surrounds the Park, provide everything for all-day getaways, almost 90 km from Thessaloniki. It is necessary to stay after sunset, where the lighting of the waterfalls turns the experience into something almost surreal.


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