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“Giosos Apostolidis” Refuge

The shelter "Giosos Apostolidis" on Mount Olympus was built in 1961 by the Mountaineering Club of Thessaloniki (S.E.O.). The following year a second floor was added so that the facility could accommodate up to 80 people. It is located on the Muses Plateau, at an altitude of 2,697 meters, in the saddle between the peaks "Toumpa" and "Profitis Elias". It is the refuge (but also the building) with the highest altitude in the Balkans.

The shelter is open from the beginning of June to October, while for the rest of the year, to go you need to speak to the managers. During the winter, the vestibule is always open as an emergency refuge. It was named after Giosos (Joseph) Apostolidis, a legendary climber of Olympus, who had pioneered both the construction of the shelter and the construction and construction of trails at high altitudes of the mythical mountain.

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