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Pierian Mountains

North of Olympus and as a continuation of its ridge there are the Pieria Mountains, a verdant, extensive mountain range. The dense forest of Pieria, with deciduous, coniferous (beech, black and red pines, oaks, chestnuts), shrubs and rare wildflowers offers some of the most beautiful mountain routes in Greece and is easily accessible from all sides. The highest peak ("Flambouro") reaches 2,188 meters, but the charm of the mountain comes mainly from its natural beauty and its amazing trails.

According to mythology, the ("Pierides") Muses were enchanted by the beauty of the mountain and chose it as their residence. Some of the most beautiful, picturesque villages have been built on its slopes, while the landscapes created by the composition of human intervention with the forest are characteristic of the harmonious coexistence with nature. Ritini, Ano Milia, and Elatochori are magnetic settlements taken from postcards, in which, among others, there are temples that host important religious buildings and relics of the 15th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Preserves with forest products are famous, which visitors shouldn't skip tasting once they visit one of the traditional settlements.

The numerous demarcated trails offer opportunities for exploration, sport, and enjoyment of the unique natural landscape. The dense forest hides springs that create impressive gorges and waterfalls, the forest roads become fascinating bike paths, climbing fields, and mountaineering routes to the peaks for the more adventurous invite the "conquerors" to "Tourla" (2,104 meters), “Avdella” ( 2,049 meters), Arvanitis (2,023 meters), Plaka (1,938 meters) and the other peaks. At altitudes of 1,000 and 1,680 meters, there are two mountain shelters for relaxation and hospitality for visitors, who can go skiing at the Ski Center of Elatochori.


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