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Elatochori Ski Center

The Ski Center of Elatochori is located in the Pieria Mountains, at an altitude of 1,450 meters and reaches up to 1,974 meters. It is located at "Papa Chorafi", on the northeast side of the mountain, 8 km from Elatochori and 36 from Katerini. There, one can find, chalet and ski equipment stores, while the Center also has a doctor's office.

The Ski Center of Elatochori offers all kinds of related activities, having ten slopes, with a total length, along with the routes that connect them, of about 12 kilometers. The slopes vary in altitude and degree of difficulty, accommodating beginners and advanced skiers, while there are separate slopes for snowboarding and sledding. Nearby are taverns and restaurants, with the main attraction being the traditional settlement in Elatochori, which is an impressive example of architectural integration of the houses with the beautiful nature of the mountain of Muses, while the whole surrounding area is famous for its mountaineering and hiking trails.


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