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Katerini Municipal Park

The Municipal Park, in the center of the city, is the largest green space in Katerini, in the middle of its urban fabric. It is landscaped with lush vegetation, ponds, trails, fountains, and resting places, giving residents and visitors 52 acres for hiking, relaxation, or just a short getaway under the plane trees or a meal break at picnic tables.

The area was created for military exercises at the end of the 19th century by the Ottomans, while after the liberation of Katerini its transformation began which turned it into an urban park. Today it is accessible to all and attracts many visitors daily, with its playgrounds, gardens, its walking path among the impressively wide variety of trees. From time to time cultural events are presented and activities are carried out by local organizations, in the open space or the Cultural Center and the Open Theater that are included within the boundaries of the Park. The visitor will see three monuments (Ethnikis Antistasis, Balkan Wars, Polytechnic Mother), while on the north side there are two historical cannons.

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