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Few places can combine both mountain and sea, like Litochoro, the town that currently has 7,000 residents. Built at the foot of Mount Olympus and near the Pieria coast, it is a starting point for excursions to the highest mountain in Greece and the award-winning beaches of the area. Litochoro provides all kinds of services to visitors all year round, like mountain climbing entertainment or a tour of the nature’s “diamonds” of the area. From Litochoro starts the most popular mountaineering path of Olympus, in the place "Milloi", which crosses the amazing Gorge of Enipeas to the place "Prionia". The route on the verdant slopes of the divine mountain, parallel to the river, with natural lakes, waterfalls, wooden bridges, and fascinating slopes formed in the gorge that separates Olympus and ends in Litochoro is the ideal way to admire the surrounding environment. before you start hiking to the Muses Plateau and the peaks. The whole area is suitable for mountain biking and canyoning, 4 x 4, cycling, climbing the slopes, or the artificial climbing slopes in Litochoro.

The settlement preserves traditional buildings of Macedonian architecture, with special colors that blend in with the environment, forming a wonderful walk in the alleys and the "bairia" where time seems to have stopped. The Naval Museum presents the great naval tradition of the inhabitants who had worked at sea since the 18th century, taking advantage of the natural location of the place and the timber offered by Olympus. In and around the city there are churches and chapels, while at a short distance one can visit the Monastery of Agios Dionysios on Olympus and the old Monastery with the cave where Agios Dionysios had cloistered in the 16th century, which is preserved.

Of course, the heart of the summer season beats on the clean beaches of Litochoro, with the clear blue waters of the Aegean that the visitor can admire in its grandeur from the village and from the mountain, but also swim in a few minutes on the organized beaches in Variko, Gritsa, the Stathmos, and the adjacent Plaka.

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