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Cave of Agios Dionysios

Not far from the Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios of Olympus, in the Gorge of Enipeas, is the Cave of Agios Dionysios, in which there is a small church. It is a common attraction for travelers, as the route that passes through the cave is the most popular mountain trail. The founder of the monastery Agios Dionysios practiced in the cave in 1542.

Agios Dionysios used to pray outside the monastery he had built and equipped, 17 kilometers from Litochoro. He preferred the quiet of the caves and the landscapes of Olympus, before returning to his spiritual work and the place is the third point of the area for the exploration of his personality, together with the old and the new Monastery, which is located lower, outside Litochoro. Among other things, it is an impressive landscape for relaxing hiking, a fort among the lush forest.

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