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Platamonas is the most popular tourist resort of Pieria, in the southern part of the Region, on the Aegean coast, and near Tempi. Part of the long coastline of Pieria, it has many kilometers of beaches, which combine golden sand with pebbles, form coves, have many organized spots and free areas for swimmers, and, most importantly, are awarded blue flags for their quality. The combination of clean and wide beaches with the tourist infrastructure of the area has for many years upgraded Platamonas into a top holiday destination for Greeks and foreign visitors.

The town built at the foot of Olympus is inhabited by about 2,000 people, who are mainly engaged in fishing and tourism. The first residents came from Paleo Panteleimon, a traditional settlement at a distance of 7 km which is a pole of attraction with its Macedonian architecture and picturesque buildings. The symbol of the area is the medieval castle, which dominates a hill by the sea and is kept in good condition as a visitable monument and provides a wonderful view in every direction, although the most beautiful view is enjoyed by the adventurous who descend the slope of Olympus by paraglider. In the area of ​​Platamonas, there are hotel units and accommodation of all categories, restaurants, fish taverns with seafood from the boats that return from fishing in the port and offer a beautiful spectacle in the early morning, but also any kind of complete vacation. It is accessible by highway and train or from Thessaloniki Airport. Platamonas can moor up to 125 boats in its high standard Marina and its location, across from Halkidiki and between the port of Thessaloniki and the Sporades, makes it a busy place for hosting and sheltering boats.

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