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Although the foundation and the origin of its name remain mysterious and are researched to this day, it is certain that Katerini has been transformed into a beautiful, modern city that can offer residents and visitors important experiences and quality of life. The capital of Pieria, the mythical land that hosted Gods and Muses, built ancient civilizations, and was an eternal passage between Macedonia and Southern Greece, appears today in its most beautiful costume, with an urban fabric alternating with green, infrastructure, and organization. cleanliness and spiritual work.

Katerini is the "coordinator" of the huge crowd that visits the numerous points of interest in the area, Olympus and Pieria, the beaches of the Olympic Riviera, the proud remnants of ancient, Byzantine, and modern times, the small town of the beginning of the century, "Atira" or "Catherine", came to host 56,000 permanent residents and to enchant its visitors. Starting from the most beautiful reference point in its center, the Municipal Park which is one of the largest and most diverse urban parks in the country, Katerini finds ways to balance the noisy daily life and the breaks of relaxation and rejuvenation. Hiking in the city hides many attractions, especially in the squares along the center, with statues, monuments, and traditional buildings that recall the recent and torturous past of the inhabitants.

The city is connected to Thessaloniki by highway, at 70 km, and is accessible from the airport of the capital of Macedonia, but also by rail, while it connects all parts of Pieria and travelers to the seaside resorts, mountaineering, and the routes of Olympus the monasteries and churches that are scattered on the slopes of the mountain and the traditional settlements with the Macedonian architecture. Between the highest mountain and the endless sea, between northern and southern Greece, Katerini is the ultimate crossroad-destination.

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