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Orlia Gorge

One of the most important streams of Olympus, the mythical Elikonas, where the Pierides Muses, the Mainades, wanted to wash their hands in the clear water to atone for the murder of Orpheus, crosses the slope of Olympus and forms waterfalls and natural pools. With its current name, the Orlia stream is accessible by car from the village of Dion and offers a very beautiful route to Olympus.

Orlia Gorge, at an altitude of 1100 meters, is the most famous and most visited gorge on Mount Olympus, in addition to its refreshing tour is ideal for canyoning. It offers steep descents, with the longest being 27 meters long and a short distance from one rappel to another. It offers a beautiful view of the walls of the gorge and ends with the famous waterfall of the "Red Rock", 20 meters high. In the green and impressive area flows the transparent waters of the gorge, while there are many slides and small ponds for diving, swimming, and water games.


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