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Platamonas Castle

The Middle Byzantine Castle of Platamonas, a uniquely preserved Castle dating back to the Frankish era, is built next to today's Platamonas, by the sea, at the southeastern foot of Mount Olympus. The imposing Tower inside, a trademark for passers in the area, rises in the center of the medieval castle, which was a strategic checkpoint for the passage from Thessaly to Macedonia by land and sea.

The Castle has changed "owners" many times over the centuries and with its successive conquests, it tells the very history of the area. From its construction (1202-1204) it hosted knights, after the Franks, it was annexed to the Despotate of Epirus, it changed hands between Turks and Venetians, it was occupied by Greeks before it passed to the Turks again, to play a role until the Second World War. The Castle is visitable and in a good condition, offering with its characteristic layout (enclosure, citadel, tower) a medieval experience under Mount Olympus.

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