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Alykes Kitrou

 The Alyki Kitros Lagoon, on the beach of Kitros and at the ancient site of Atherada, where the ancient port of Pydna is believed to have existed, is an area of ​​approximately 15,000 acres, which includes both the lagoon itself and the salt production facilities. , the Alikes.

It stretches on a piece of land in the sea and hosts large numbers of seabirds that feed and breed in the lagoon. All year round but especially in winter, it offers stunning images thanks to the thousands of palm trees that gather in its shallow waters, ideal for feeding flamingos. The type of shrimp they consume is what gives the characteristic pink color to their wings.

In the lagoon of Alykes Kitrou, there are also therapeutic mud baths. The lakes that form in Alykes contain so much salt that, entering, you do not sink but float on the surface. Mud baths are therapeutic for rheumatic disorders, soft skin, neurologies, and much more.


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