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Enipea Gorge

Starting from Litochoro, in the place "Myloi", at an altitude of 400 meters, where Enipeas supplies water to the area with its crystal-clear waters and reaching the sources of the mythical river, at an altitude of over 1000 meters (place "Prionia"), the Hiking in the gorge of Enipeas is a unique experience. With the sounds of the waters as background noise from the unique river, the flow of which is continuous all year long, the 9 km of the ideal nature route, either as an ascent or from the springs to Litochoro, is the best hiking offered by the mountain.

The path is wide, with many alternations, and well maintained. It belongs to the international hiking trail E4, which includes the most beautiful hikes from the Pyrenees to Crete. The whole route is characterized by dense vegetation, with impressive slopes, ravines and canyons, picturesque wooden bridges, small waterfalls, and swimming pools. Aromas from the wild herbs of Olympus, such as thyme, oregano, and mountain tea, stimulate the sense of smell, while the landscape is completed by wild strawberries and wild roses, walnuts, and dogwood, beeches and black pine. The water of the river is drinkable in almost all its places, while its temperature is close to 0 degrees.

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