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Aggiti Gorge

15 of the total 75 km of the riverbed of Aggitis, the largest tributary of Strymonas, cross an area where the land is divided in two and offers a shocking spectacle: in Aggista, on a labyrinthine route between the rocky sides that reach a depth of up to 100 meters. Also known as "Dioryga", "Stena Petras" and "Vraus", as the locals call it, the gorge meets the entrance of the fascinating Cave of Alistrati, while the water, as it pours to embrace Strymonas, meets springs, arches, caves, arcades, picturesque bridges and collides with rocks that rush down to the bottom.

The paths that follow the riverbed in the gorge are full of surprises, watching from above but also reaching almost to the lowest point of the opening. Birds of prey nest on the surrounding slopes, dragonflies cool along with the less rapid points, and bridges allow the route to be changed from one side to the other. The course of the water body and the paths are determined by the giant, solid rocks that rise vertically and are breathtaking. The spectacle is unique, in whatever season of the year you visit.

The gorge of Aggiti is accessible by bike, offering an unforgettable, natural track, while offering two rafting routes, for beginners and experts. Its rich beauty, the possibility of observing from above the geological cosmogony that took place thousands of years ago, and the nature that dressed the gorge with all the colors of its palette give those who cross it an incomparable memory, especially if combined with the entrance to the adjacent, famous Cave -one will remember the passing through the Gate of Hell, from where Pluto put Persephone in his world, according to mythology.

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