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Sidirokastro Baths

Built on a beautiful slope next to the hot spring, the Sidirokastro Baths take advantage of the thermal properties of the hot water to give visitors health and wellness. Known since the Byzantine years, they were used during the Turkish occupation and remain to this day an enjoyable rehabilitation tool for the mind and body, preserving the atmosphere of the old hammam with modern treatment facilities. The source provides water that reaches 40 degrees Celsius, so it is considered one of the hottest of its kind.

In Loutra one can rejuvenate one's spirit by relaxing or helping the body regain its shape and lost vitality. In addition, the healing properties help in the treatment of gynecological diseases, cervical syndrome, rheumatism, neuralgia, arthritis, myalgia, sciatica, vertebral arthritis, disc disease, back pain, nephrolithiasis, but also trauma, in the hydrotherapy center which includes an indoor pool, private baths with hydromassage, physiotherapy, and gym. Guests can either take advantage of the thermal springs for an overnight visit, combining fresh air with a visit to the surrounding landscape overlooking Beles and Strymonas, or stay in a hotel for a multi-day treatment.

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