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Monument of the fallen “Rupel”

Fort Rupel was the largest of the 21 defense units on the Greek-Bulgarian border, built for the battles of World War II. At the top of the hill "Profitis Ilias", just below the present gallery is located which housed the Command Station, and overlooking the historic area where the battles of the forts took place in 1941, is placed an imposing structure, dedicated to the memory of the dead.

The "Iron", in its marble slabs made in the '70s, records the names of the 123 dead of Rupel but also of the forts of Karatas, Paliourions, and the areas of Kapina and Loutron Hill, in April 1941. The celebrations of the battles take place in the area on each anniversary, while at a short distance there is a topographic information observatory during the tour of the fort.


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