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The modern city of Serres, as it was reborn in recent decades and rebuilt after the disasters it experienced in the past, carries on in the role it had since its founding, in the 2nd century BC. millennium: A crossroads that unites places, people, and cultures. Its location in the center of the fertile Serres valley, between the water bodies of Strymonas and Kerkini, a passage from Thessaloniki to Constantinople and from the Balkan countries to the Aegean, gave it from antiquity its important character and made it necessary for every civilization that flourished in the region.

The ancient city of Serres followed the historical fate of Macedonia and was associated with the political reorganizations of the region from time to time, passing into the hands of the Romans, where it flourished and declined in various periods, flourishing in the Byzantine years, before changing its appearance in the Ottoman period and later the Bulgarian occupation. With its liberation, the city began its reconstruction in the 1920s, having to be rebuilt after fires and the wounds of war, which is responsible for its modern appearance as the urban fabric was created recently. Serres is a modern, European city, hosts about 60,000 permanent residents, and remains a crossroad for its visitors, having now changed and emerged as a tourist destination for Greeks and tourists.

 The city is friendly to visitors, has every provision on commercial and tourist level, and extends below the historic Acropolis, from where one can admire it. It is surrounded by sites of rare beauty, with the amazing forest of Lailias, Lake Kerkini with its famous wetland and traditional settlements, the green lungs of the Valley and Saint John, the cave of Alistrati and the gorge of Agitis, border forts, numerous museums, cultural sites and religious monuments of Ottoman and Christian architecture, impressive ancient finds in the coastal zone with recent discoveries in Amphipolis. It has the only Formula 3 track in the Balkans and, of course, takes care, with its hundreds of restaurants, to confirm the visitors for its reputation as a gastronomic destination, continuing to offer its most famous delicacy, the Akane, the buffalo milk pasta, the famous Serres bougatsa.

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