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Museum of Natural History of Serres

The huge natural wealth of the Serres area was gathered in an exhibition, at the 1st kilometer of the provincial road of Serres - Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos. Municipality of Serres created the Center for the Protection of the Natural Environment in 1996, which was transformed into a Museum of Natural History, starting its operation in 2007, in a specially designed building owned by the Hunting Association of Serres.

The collection is thematically divided and presents animals, birds, plants, insects and rocks, mainly from Serres. There are samples of all insects of the area, minerals and rocks from Greece and abroad, but the main volume of the exhibits appertains to the animals, birds and vegetation of the area, with a large number of samples that introduce to the visitor the environment of Kerkini, Strymon, the plains, rivers and ecosystems of Serres.

In addition to its contribution as an exhibition, the Museum organizes activities and educational programs on the subject of the natural environment.

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