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Ano Porroia

The description as "the most beautiful village in Greece" is not excessive for anyone who has visited Ano Pororia, on the slopes of Mount Beles. The amphitheatrically built village, with a vast view of Kerkini, as if built to admire the performances of the thousands of birds that nest or park for a while in the wetland, is immersed in the fairytale setting that creates the unique inspiration of nature as the inspiration of nature top of the mountain. A breath away from the border, bordered by the mountain that hosts them, Ano Pororia is at the same time an ideal station of reflection and a starting point for excursions to the various points of historical and nature interest of the area.

A Cosmopolitan place,which emmerged from the founders of Epirus, the natives and the refugees from Mikra Asia and Pontia, Ano Porroia compine the cultures that formed them and create a rare combination, composing the human element that inhabits with the nature that inspires them. Blessed by the water, with the dozens of streams that spring above the village and keep it cool crossing the mahalades with a their clearing as a backround sound, but also the view of Kerkini, which feeds, irrigates and entertains residents and visitors. And, of course, with the local gastronomic specialties, the buffalo milk pasta, the jams and the pastries.

Ano Pororia has an organized tourist network, both for long stays and for short getaways for fried carp or trout and walking on its cobbled streets. With the shadow of Belles, which you can resist a a walk in his magical embrace, either on hiking or on horseback, from the large herd that is available for the riders.

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