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The muddy and impassable area in winter, since its soil is clayey, the cut-off and without transport with Thessaloniki strip of coastal land, where the reception of refugees from Pontus and Asia Minor was done to get their hair cut, disinfect themselves and their clothes (hence the place name "Disinfectionary"), came, a century later, to boast as the well-built, cool sea breeze of the city. The resort of the people of Thessaloniki in the previous decades, the best beach within the urban fabric, and the area where the best restaurants and entertainment centers grew. Aretsou, the "Fishing Rice" of refugee fishermen.

The farmers of Rysio in Asia Minor settled north, in the plain, building Neo Rysio, and the fishermen stayed by the sea, creating Aretsou from scratch. Some had arrived in Kalamaria with their boats and had begun to build the reputation of Aretsou as "the best fish in town" since then. The first years, although hard, brought development, and the place grew and began to be the favorite destination of Thessalonians for swimming, dining, and entertainment.

In the 1970s, Aretsou was a magnificent settlement, with its beautiful houses hidden in the trees and greenery, with few apartment buildings, enchanting seaside resorts, a boat dock marina, and docks, with paved roads, regular transport from and to the center of Thessaloniki to the beach, with traffic and life, night entertainment and dancing in the centers and, finally, with the church and its imposing two-story school. It was and still is a magnificent seaside resort of Thessaloniki: It was and is famous for its fresh fish, the view and the sunset in Thermaikos, and the traditional hospitality of its inhabitants.




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