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Statue of Aristotle

The most famous square of Thessaloniki has housed, since 1990, the statue of the ancient philosopher who gave it its name. The work of the sculptor Georgios Georgiadis, made of bronze, the statue depicts the greatest thinker, teacher among others, Alexander the Great, and intellectual in a sitting position, with a cloak, sandals, and holding a papyrus. The statue rests on a marble base and is located between Mitropoleos and Niki's streets, just before the city beach.

Remarkable is the detail that the artist has managed to capture, which is impressive in the folds of the clothes, the soles, and the facial expression. Aristotle seems to be thinking even now when he sees you crossing the square, almost two and a half millennia after the time when he shone in the ancient world with his bright spirit - he invites you to take a breath looking at him and clear your mind before continuing to your destination.




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