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Statue of Alexander the Great

The imposing, majestic construction on the beach of Thessaloniki that presents Alexander the Great on horseback is one of the well-known monuments-symbols of the city. Sculpted by Evangelos Moustakas, who completed it in 1973, it is made of bronze and is 6 meters tall, along with the marble of Mellissochori it reaches 11 meters, and it’s the largest statue in Greece.

Alexander faces the east, keeping his balance while riding his horse Voukefalas, which accompanied him for 20 years, traveling with him to the depths of Asia. The area around the statue includes a bronze relief resurrection of the "Battle of Issus", while the installation completes two arrays of saris and shields, with engraved and printed symbols of Alexander's troops.

"One picture, Alexander the Great, since young on horseback and impetuous - a mythical hero", said the sculptor during the construction of the statue and the time he spent, highlighting his work in one of the most popular points of interest in Thessaloniki, made him justice.




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