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Kapani Market

"Kapani" is the oldest open public market in Thessaloniki, west of Aristotelous Square. It is bordered by the square created by Egnatia, Aristotelous, Ermou, and Venizelou streets, while it includes several covered and open pedestrian streets and streets with light traffic. It maintains to this day the style and commercial character of other eras, traveling visitors through time both architecturally and functionally." Kapani" comes from the Turkish "Oun-Kapan", meaning "flour market", referring to its first season of operation.

The existence of the market dates to the 15th century. As part of the Historic Center of the city, it provides a vivid narration of its history and with the main two-story buildings, galleries, and arches, which suffered from fires in previous centuries but survived and were rebuilt, it magnetizes with its streets, merchants, products. "Agora Vlali", as its official name is, includes shops that sell vegetables, fruits, spices, olives, fish, meat, sweets, Turkish delights, souvenirs, and clothes, has traditional cafes, bakeries, and taverns, but the main reason to take a walk in its alleys is nothing but the atmosphere of old Thessaloniki that few places can maintain today.


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