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Elaiorema Park of Pylaia

"Eleorama" is an urban park in Eastern Thessaloniki, a green oasis surrounded by the houses of Malakopi, Constantinople, and Pylea. It spreads over a large area full of walking and cycling routes and is the main destination to connect with the environment, in the area, with easy access from the Thessaloniki Ring Road.

 Basketball, soccer fields, and outdoor fitness equipment offer sports facilities, while the park is particularly preferred for its hiking trail between the vegetation and in contrast to the dense buildings around. Trees, flowers, and plants, welcome cyclers skaters, and rollers that find long corridors for exercise and walking, while benches provide relaxation for the necessary breaks or for those who just want to enjoy the park away from buildings and cars.

 A special part is the "Dog Park". A fenced, protected area within Eleorama, where dogs have their play area, with special constructions for their sport and entertainment, a place of attraction for animal lovers and especially for those looking for large, free spaces for walking and playing with their dog. "Gift" to visitors is a stone, arched bridge, a monument of the early Christian period, which once connected Pylea with Chortiatis.




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