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Bit Bazaar

The “hidden” square in the center of Thessaloniki, with the seven galleries and antique shops – exchanges, of a bygone era. Hidden from the surrounding buildings, it takes a little effort for anyone who visits it for the first time to discover it. With a history that goes back almost a century, in 1928, when the area was given to the refugees of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, today hosts a beautiful island of memory, tradition, and special night entertainment.

The "Bit Bazaar", ie the "lice bazaar", named after the second-hand clothes that were once traded in which there were lice, is located near the Roman Agora, between Filippou and Olympou streets, while it is defined by the diagonal street Tositsa. The day finds the remaining antique dealers offering for sale antiques and small furniture, taken from the refugee houses of the area, which had small shops on the ground floor, creating the market of Bit Bazaar. At night, however, the scene changes, it becomes a place for people to get together and welcomes young people to its taverns, especially students who prefer to have fun in the taverns and bars of Bit Bazaar due to the relatively low prices.




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