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Pedion tou Areos

Near the City Hall of Thessaloniki, south of Stratou Avenue and across from the ERT3 building, a green “lung” is available for residents and visitors to the city center. The area occupied by "Pedion tou Areos", the area that is full of greenery, benches, and ponds but mainly is a refreshing stop in the urban fabric, was so named because it served as a shooting range of the adjacent camp.

It is also known as "Sofia Vembo Park", of the bust of the great artist that was erected on the site in 1997, created by Theocharis Hachivassiliadis. It is accessible and is suitable for children, offers relaxation, rest, and even a picnic on the grass, around the hustle and the monuments - symbols of the city, is offered for lunch breaks from work or a tour of Thessaloniki.


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