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Roman Market

The Roman Market of Thessaloniki, the administrative and commercial center of the city for almost three centuries, was built in the northern part of today's Aristotelous Street. The area unearthed during the construction of a courthouse in 1996 brought to light an archeological site of very important value, which provided important information about the life, organization, and role of the city during its Roman period. The outdoor findings can be discovered by visitors between Olympou and Filippou streets, at the height of Aristotelous.

The Market was built in the 2nd and 3rd century AD. and operated on two levels, occupying 20 acres in the center of Roman Thessaloniki. The excavated part, ie the large, rectangular square, includes the ground floor part of a double underground Crypto Gallery, the Conservatory with its stands, the mint, and the round bath. The entrance of the Market was almost at the height of today's Egnatia, therefore the area up to Filippou, which is located below the current square, was its open part.

 There is an underground Museum in the area, where the history of the Roman Agora, the findings as well as the history of the excavation are presented.


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