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Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

The only Cinema Museum in Greece is housed in the port of Thessaloniki, in the listed building of Warehouse A. It was founded in 1997, the year that Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture. The Museum presents the history of Greek cinema, from the first, awkward efforts at the beginning of the 20th century to the modern film production, with intermediate stops the bucolic drama, the interwar comedy, the modern Greek realism, the musicals, and the comedies of the '60s, the New Greek Cinema of the '70s, the crisis of the 80s, the "Spring" of the 90s and every trend that emerged in the country's cinema scene.

Its collections ("HELLAFFI", Arvanitidis, Bilili, Papadopoulou, Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, and others) include handmade giant posters, drafts, lithographs, watercolors, films of Greek and foreign production, documentaries, many documentaries, volumes trailers, archival material, while visitors can get acquainted with projectors of other eras, devices, tools, reels and a series of objects that composed and compose the magic of cinema. The Cinema Library also operates in the Museum, with more than 8000 books and magazines for the cinema. The library has film dictionaries, history books, guides, screenplays, and Greek and foreign publications, while part of the collection is digitized. From time to time, thematic screenings and events are organized under the auspices of the Museum.




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