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Agia Sophia

The Cathedral of Agia Sophia is one of the most important Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki. A sample of a transitional cruciform with a dome and a peristole was built in the 7th century, on the site of a previous temple that had been destroyed by an earthquake. It is characterized by its majestic architectural structure, dominating the area of ​​the square that bears its name, while inside it there are special murals and ornate mosaics, created in different periods.

During the Fourth Crusade, it was converted into a catholic cathedral for twenty years (1204-1224), returning to Orthodox Christian worship with the Byzantine re-rule of the city for the next three centuries. In 1524 it was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman administration of the city, operating until the liberation, in 1912, when it was re-assigned to the Greek church.

Agia Sophia ("Temple of the Wisdom of Agia Sophia") is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, operating in the city center and being a very important attraction due to its religious, historical, and architectural peculiarity.


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