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Church of the Taxiarchs

The Church of the Greatest Taxiarchs, built in the 14th century, a typical example of ecclesiastical architecture of the time, is a Byzantine church in the Upper Town of Thessaloniki. The four-aisled basilica functioned as a mosque during the Ottoman period of the city and was re-dedicated to Christian worship after 1912. Inside there are two frescoes, dating to the late 14th century.

It has a two-story building, with an underground crypt, which probably served for the preservation of relics or burial of monks, which testifies to the possible existence of a monastery with which the church was connected. During its use as a mosque, it underwent significant modifications, with the construction of a minaret with two balconies ("Iki Serife Mosque"). In the 20th century, construction interventions were made for unification, lighting, and expansion of the space, while the current form of the Temple was completed in the 1960s.


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