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Bey Hammam

The first baths built by Murat II after the occupation of Thessaloniki were the Bey Hamam, in the center of the city. The building is preserved to this day, at the junction of Egnatia and Metropolitan Gennadiou streets, while it was in operation until 1968, under the name "Paradise Baths". It is the oldest Ottoman monument in the area, built-in 1444, as well as the largest bath built during the Ottoman period.

Its elegant, pompous, and functional construction, with its multiple domes, halls and apartments, intricate designs, and wall decorations, is an excellent example of Ottoman architecture. It had separate rooms for men and women, which did not communicate with each other, but also different bathrooms depending on the temperature (hot, lukewarm, cold). In the domes, there were openings for the lighting of the building.

In recent years after the liberation, it was a popular place of recreation for the people of Thessaloniki. Until its closure, it was a place of all-day or evening outings, for treatment, grooming, or relaxation. The monument today is open to the public and in its well-preserved form can travel visitors to the 15th century.


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