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Thessaloniki City Hall

The City Hall of Thessaloniki gathers all the services of the Municipality and has been hosted since 2009 in the building complex that was built for that event. Based on a study by a group of architects (Tasos Biris, Dimitris Biris, Athanasia Dimopoulou, Kallirroi Saiti, George Stathopoulos, Aikaterini Christodoulea), it occupies an area of ​​approximately 14,500 sq.m. and has a three-story underground parking lot of 900 spaces.

The town hall is organized around a communal, open space reminiscent of an ancient market and continues to be transformed into a kind of medieval square. The building mass is divided into three sections, adapted to the natural slope of the plot, and gradually decreases, from 3rd 'Septemvriou Street to the seafront, where it becomes two-story. The heart of the interior is the central, multifunctional hall, a point of cooperation and action for the citizens. The building won first prize (one of three equal) in the international architectural competition for the "friendliest public building" announced by the International Union of Architects in Tokyo, Japan, in 2011.


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