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Seih Sou Forest

The largest suburban forest in Greece surrounds Thessaloniki in its surrounding hills and is the main green “lung” of the city. The "Sheih Sou" or "Kedrinos Lofos" spreads over an area of ​​30,000 acres, covered mainly by a pine forest, but also oaks, plane trees, and beeches. It has rich flora and fauna, while from its territory flows the mountainous mass that ends in Thessaloniki.

Sheikh Sou ("Sheikh's Water") got its name during the Ottoman period, either from a fountain in a Muslim tomb (at the site "Hilia Dentra"), or from the sheik-inspirer of planting trees on the hill, for fortification of the city from floods. In the 19th century it was full of oaks, while from the 1930s, with the planting of about 5 million trees, it took the form it has today.

The forest is easily accessible and has low altitudes (50 to 450 meters) without steep terraces. It is preferred for walks and cyclists in nature and daily getaways from the urban fabric, having in its entirety rest areas, benches, and picnic tables, while its paths lead to places with very beautiful views.




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