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YMCA Park ("Xarchakos Park") is in the coastal zone of Thessaloniki and is the most central green space, at the height of the statue of Alexander the Great. It is an ideal place for rest, relaxation, and outdoor sports, using the fitness equipment, among the trees, and with the sea breeze a few meters away. The park includes a playground, and dining areas, and is characterized by its very beautiful fountain.

Around the park are important statues that make walking more interesting, while on the side of Germanou street there is the Garden Theater. The place is offered as a stopover in the visits to the city center, as in a very short distance there are numerous points of interest, but also for hiking or cycling on the beach. The triangle of Germanou, Andronikou, and Megalou Alexandrou Avenues, which form the park, leads to the adjacent museums, attractions, and routes and to the cultural heritage and modern life Thessaloniki has to offer.




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