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The waterfront of Thessaloniki

The unique architectural design enhanced the beauty of the Thessaloniki waterfront and turned it into a top destination for walking in the city. The amazing transformation of the coastal front, the recent renovation of the beach that the city’s inhabitants immediately embraced, and the change of the city as never before, gave the Macedonian Thessaloniki a look so complex and harmoniously intertwined with its environment.

The five kilometers of straight lines that connect the port with the White Tower and from there the Concert Hall, especially in their eastern part, is the most beautiful, relaxing, and refreshing sight the city can offer to visitors. A simple walk on the paved road next to Thermaikos, a bike ride on the two-wheeled route, walking in the shade of the alley after Macedonia Palace, running in the morning dew or the sunset on Mount Olympus accompanied by the sea. At first glance, the route simply relaxes visitors with its wide, spacious structure.

The vision that the two architects brought to life, Prodromos Nikiforidis who was awarded for this project, and Bernard Cuomo, offers much more than a simple walk: 12 different theme parks are successively presented to visitors, each with its style and reference in landscapes that come into "harmonious conflict" with the urban landscape in the north, 13 green spaces, playgrounds, benches, tree lines, fountains, ponds, composing, in essence, a real theme park accessible and free for all.


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