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YMCA Building

The YMCA Building across from the homonymous park and the Thessaloniki International Fair is a neoclassical landmark of Thessaloniki. Its total area is 7.500 sq.m.and along with the sports facilities and other infrastructures of the YMCA extends to a triangle surrounded by Tsimiski, Dagli, and Germanou streets. It was designed by the architect Marino Delladetsima and its construction lasted almost a decade, from 1924 to 1934. The facade of the building is formed by two main three-story wings, which are joined in a central cylinder ending in a dome with arched openings. The construction respected the plans of the reformer of Thessaloniki Ernest Hébrard, incorporating the Byzantine element in the neo-colonial architecture, characteristic of Thessaloniki in the 1920s that was rebuilt after its historic fire.

The building houses the numerous services of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). With the educational, sports, and social work that it has been producing since 1921, YMCA has practice, study, and teaching rooms, while from 1952 to 2000 it housed the Municipal Library and the Reading Room of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. For many years the building operated the 1st Night High School of Thessaloniki and the Student Shelter for students in need. Nearby there is a football pitch, tennis court, indoor gym, heated pool, and the Curtain Theater. YMCA hosts sports and cultural events and maintains a Basketball Museum.


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