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Dassous Theatre

Dassous Theatre the emblematic open stage of the State Theater of Northern Greece, is built on the slopes of Sheih Sou. With its first construction, designed by the architect Patroklos Karantinos, it premiered in 1965 and after its reconstruction in 1976, designed by the architect Nikolaos Moutsopoulos, it operates uninterruptedly, hosting a variety of concerts and performances during the summer months. Within the framework of the "European Capital of Culture - Thessaloniki 1997," it remodeled and improved its facilities and increased the capacity to 3,894 seats.

Access to the Theater is easy, either by public transport or by car, while in the area there is comfortable, free parking for guests. It is also accessible to people with disabilities. The area around the theater is covered by the dense vegetation of Kedrinos Hill and is suitable for hiking from the city to the forest many prefer the walking return after the events, to enjoy the coolness of the forest and the beautiful view of the whole city ​​and its port.


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