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Metochi Kritzianon

In the place "Kritziana", between Epanomi and Nea Iraklia, are the remains of the fortress complex that was built in the Middle Ages in the Metochi of Agia Anastasia. The site has been selected so that it is not visible from the sea but overlooks the area, as piracy was widespread at the time of construction. The year the fortress was built, the pirate Barbarossa terrorized the area with 18 ships. According to the inscription, the fortification was built in 1530 and included external walls in a five-sided perimeter layout. The central, square tower, which served to store the crop and as the last defense of the inhabitants in case of attack, was two-story and reached a height of about 10 meters. In the settlement, there was a church, cells, oven, kitchen, and barn. Metochi is the only surviving part of the medieval settlement of the Kritzians. Several parts of the buildings are preserved and in 1976 and 1986-1987 fixing works were carried out. Access is free, via the old Thessaloniki-Kassandra Road, at the height of Mesimeri village.


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