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Sculpture "Saw"

In the precinct of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, there is a sculpture that has been integrated into the landscape of the center of Thessaloniki, the "Saw" by Andrei Filippov. The famous Russian artist had brought to the city his work, made of steel and ten meters high, for the 1st Biennale of Contemporary Art. He finally chose to install it on the site and since 2007 the impressive sculpture has been admired on Stratou Avenue, at the height of the Museum, across from the TIF entrance.

Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the famous Russian artist aesthetically combined the edges, the "teeth" of the oversized saw, with the ramparts of the wall in the Moscow Kremlin. The Saw appears to emerge from under the earth and "cut" it, signaling, according to the artist, the various religious, political, and economic divisions that plague society.




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