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Military Museum of Balkan Wars in Gefira

The Military Museum of the Balkan Wars is housed in the Topsin Villa, in the village of Gefyra, 25 kilometers northwest of Thessaloniki. The current museum was the main building of the country house of the Italian Jew Giacomo Modiano, son of Saul Modiano, the second richest man in the Ottoman Empire (known from Stoa Modiano,  Kapani and various buildings owned by him in Thessaloniki) constructed at the beginning of 20th century (1902-1906). The mansion, as the seat of the Greek headquarters during the negotiations for the liberation of Thessaloniki in 1912, has an important historical role, culminating in the written handover of the city from the Turkish commander to the Greeks that took place in its premises.

The museum hosts, among other things, war relics of the armies that participated in the Balkan wars, military uniforms of Greek officers, pistols and revolvers of the Greek army, medals and paintings of various styles. The collection of furniture and household utensils of the residence from the period of the Balkan wars, of French origin, upgrade the museum experience to a unique combination of folklore and history.

In the courtyard there is a funerary monument to Hasan Tahsin Pasha, commander of the city during the negotiations, and his son (and assistant) Kenan Mesare, designed by Hasan Tahsin's grandson. The site has been operating as a Military Museum of the Balkan Wars since 2000, after the acquisition of the buildings by the Greek army.


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